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CARP FISHING UK - Andreas Karrer with a cracking 44.5lb Mirror.

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Carp Fishing In The UK

CARP FISHING UK - Mark Weston with a 39.12 lb Mirror from a Hertfordshire Syndicate Water.Carp fishing in the UK has now become so popular, that it is surely now the biggest and fastest growing angling discipline in the UK. With fishermen turning their attention to carp angling and wanting to catch big carp, and UK fishery owners providing some superb carp lakes to cater for the ever growing numbers of carp fishermen. It is this popularity of fishing for carp in the UK which has made it possible to catch carp of immense weights and sizes in many carp lakes across the UK. With the progression of the hair rig, boilies and other specialised baits and with ever more purpose built tackle designed for carp fishing, carp angling is going from strength to strength.

20 years ago a carp which was into double figures was a good fish for the UK carp fisherman and if you managed a high double or 20lb plus carp, it was a carp fisherman's dream.

However, in the modern UK carp fishing scene, the carp have become much bigger and heavier, due to specialised baits such as high nutritional boilies. These boilies and baits are one of the main reasons that carp have become so big and heavy, carp baits and boilies now come in just about every flavour possible which helps keep the carp angler one step ahead of the carp. In many UK lakes the carp now see boilies and other commonly used baits as a natural food source, such is the frequency of them being used by so many UK carp anglers, in many cases almost exclusively to all other baits. But it is the use of these baits and boilies that is responsible for so many of our big, heavy carp, and consequently the bigger the carp becomes, the more sought after the carp by the carp angler and his array of carp fattening baits.

CARP FISHING UK - Andy with his 38.12 mirror.If you thought that a carp that had never been hooked before was wary and difficult to catch, can you imagine how hard some of the most sought after fish in the UK are to catch, after being constantly pressured, hooked, landed and released many numbers of times since the carp fishing explosion began.

Carp fishing has fulfilled many UK carp anglers dreams beyond all expectations, but subsequently it has shattered just as many along the way.

But let me assure you, that once you have been bitten by the UK carp fishing bug, it will drive you "CARP KRAZY"......

Yet still carp fishing never ceases to lure the carp fishermen back to the banks of his favourite carp fishing haunts in the hope that today will be the day he catches his "once in a lifetime" carp.

I often wonder if it is the carp fisherman that has been caught rather than the carp.!!!!

Some carp fishermen find pleasure in day sessions with the odd 24 hour or weekend trip along the way, and yet others are so obsessed with the carp fishing scene, that they will spend all their spare time carp fishing, with sessions ranging from 24 hours to weeks on end just looking to outwit that elusive monster carp or that very pretty fully scaled mirror.

Whatever your style and type of carp fishing "CARP KRAZY" will try and give you some of the much needed inspiration which we hope will help you in your own personal carp fishing quest,and try to give you an insight into the great UK carp fishing scene.

Also we would like to publish your pictures in our carp gallery, and add some of your carp fishing stories, tips and tricks, baits, rigs, tackle and any other useful information to "Carp Krazy".

If you have any UK carp fishing articles, tips, pictures or information that you would like to be included in our "CARP KRAZY" website, please feel free to send them in to us for publication on "CARP KRAZY".

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Carp Fishing Thoughts

"The landing of any carp should be seen as an achievement, and to capture a particularly wary fish is a truly remarkable event" - John Bailey - an excerpt from his book "Carp Challenge".

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