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Carp Rigs

carp fishing hair rigHair rigs, safety rigs, bolt rigs, blowback rigs, stiff rigs, combi rigs, snowman rigs, anti eject rigs, etc, the list is almost endless with dozens of variations of all of them.

So how do we decide which carp rig to use?

Well the first thing to think about when talking carp rigs is the safety factor for the carp, I personally recommend the lead clips widely available these days as all carp rigs should be designed that in the event of a line breakage when playing a carp, the weight should be able to slide free from the rig, so as the carp is not dragging a 2,3 or 4 oz weight around behind itself just waiting to get caught up in an underwater snag from where it is incapable of freeing itself. Thus leading to a long slow death for the carp, diminished sport for all carp fishermen, an instant ban from the venue if you are caught and higher ticket prices for all, in order to pay for the re-stocking of carp that should never have died due to unsafe rigs being used by carp fishers.

Basic Hair Rig Bolt Rig Stiff Rig Stiff D Rig
Anti Eject Rig Blow Back Rig Snowman Rig Pop Up Rig
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Having said that, there are many many carp rigs that are perfectly safe to use and very successful at catching carp.helicopter rig

Most modern carp rigs incorporate the use of a hair for mounting the bait, hence the common carp rig term "hair rig". The hair rig was originally invented and used by Len Middleton and Kevin Maddocks in the late 70's, while they were conducting tank tests, they found the best way to not frighten the carp away from the hook was to mount the bait on a 2 inch long "hair", attached to the bend of the hook,which would allow the carp to pass the bait back to the teeth (pharyngeal teeth) without feeling the hook and becoming spooked. The original hair for the first hair rig allegedly came from Kevin's wife!!

The hair rig has changed a lot since Len And Kevin first used it, but the basic principal is still the same and it was this rig that became the major turning point for carp fishing and carp fishermen in general, producing carp that were previously thought to be uncatchable, and not just here and there, the hair rig was fooling thousands of carp into taking baits.

As more and more carp were being caught, the more they were making the news and the sport of carp fishing grew and grew, which in its turn saw more fisheries cater for the carp anglers and their quarry and so on.

As more and more anglers now fished for carp, the more bait was piled into the lakes to attract the carp, which then found the carp piling on the pounds and becoming larger and heavier, a result, which in itself attracted more and more anglers to the sport of carp fishing., bringing us to the boom times of carp fishing as we know it today.

The carp are now growing very large indeed, and the carp fishermen are finding new ways of attracting, hooking and landing them, but mostly with an improved version of the original hair rig.

Below is a list of carp rigs, just click the names to find diagrams, explanations and suggestions for tying and using them.

Basic Hair Rig Bolt Rig Stiff Rig Stiff D Rig
Anti Eject Rig Blow Back Rig Snowman Rig Pop Up Rig
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Carp Fishing Thoughts

"The landing of any carp should be seen as an achievement, and to capture a particularly wary fish is a truly remarkable event" - John Bailey - an excerpt from his book "Carp Challenge".